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Likewise, they can be attracted by conventional lovers and those with a pronounced dark side.

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People that belong to the March 18 also can, in certain days of their lives, about their interpersonal relationships, they can be overly focused on their work, and so they can miss out good love opportunities, and end up in never finding love. Every person who is born on the March 18 needs some escape from the raw and cold reality, and where they can find such comfort? In their work, maybe, in a place where they can develop and exhibit their ideas. Remember that we already mentioned that these people know what their goals are, and how to reach them, no matter what it takes to get there, they will wait patiently.

They will make amazing careers by writing, or painting, but those things can also remain their hobbies, and they can find a career somewhere else. These people like to wander into their imagination world, and because of irrationality they can often make wrong decisions or do morally questionable things that do not seem so horrible in their head but can hurt other people.

But as we also said, they are a good mediator, who can help people that conflict, they can be amazing judges or lawyers, they can even find a career in diplomacy. This all fall under their ambition, they personal need to make things good for themselves, to reach their goals. But one thing needs to be remembered here, people of the March 18 should never forget on their human principles, and they should avoid betraying their close people, just for the sake of some job, or goals. It will lead them to depression and unhappiness that cannot be altered easily.

This is an issue that has to be appropriately dealt, and the solution cannot come quickly. The time has come to explain the symbolism that is behind this date of birth — persons born on March 18 are ruled by the number 9 and planet Mars.

This is an explanation why they can be such fighters, maybe not direct, as expected but they can be those who wait and fight for their cause. As numerical symbolism reveal, these people are very spiritual and have energy that is not so easy to control. They are reluctant and continuously employed by something, and they do not calm down until they conceive plans. True born leader, I hardly give up on people without exhausting all alternatives but once I do, there is no point of return.

Outside Im hard but inside Im soft. I love God a lot. In capable of prostitution.

Which Zodiac Sign Are You When You're Born On The Cusp?

Im fearless. I dont trust anyone. Very stubborn. Love talking. Best get along with Taurus although they too stubborn sometimes.

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I get along with Gemini although they are fake and superficial. Get a long with Cancer although they nagg about everything; so damn sensetive yet sharp tongued. Get along with Scorpio although they lie and steal alot plus damn jealous and aggressive.

I get along with Capricorn although they are selfish and dont like jokes. I get along with Virgo although they are stingy, nousey, story lorries and argue about everything when you dont agree with them. I get along with Libra women but not Libra Man. Dont get along with Aquarius they fake too. Get along with Sagitt although they dont give. I do as I please to em.

March 18th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Get along with Leo thou they are insensitive and arrogant. Get along with Aries men buh not women. And, I dont get along with other Pisces. I find em sensetive, backbone less, people pleasers and too emotional. I cry mostly only to seek for attention thats all.

March 18 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

Otherwise I love peace yes but when I am mad huh Aries or whatever aint got nothing on me. I flood and destroy even fire signs. I find most pisceans weak and submissive. I am dorminant and itcauses problems in my relationships. I dont listen and I show my affection better with words then with actions. I never get enough of sex. I dont let people in. Yip that is me Nasimane We even have the same name. This is frightening and exciting gosh Nasimane Wait my God I a born on 18 March too.

They call me pshycho and Im vengeful and gosh wanna be a tycoon. Whoever wrote that please email me: pakkala. Gloria idriss vahn so so true about my life i love my birthday march 18 so proud. Nasimane Hi Twins. I have always wanted to meet and or communicate to anyone born on my birthday March People call me crazy. They say I am a psycho and that I am arrogant and self centered and that I dont care about people etc. I actually hold grudges, like to boss people around however I hate being bossed around, very ambitious, vindictive, thrive off revenge, dont respond well to embarrassements.


Hate liars, hate being accused. Wanna be a tycoon. I have pychic abilities. I believe I am God's favourite after Jesus. Think a lot. I do cry but just not infront of people. Dont fall inlove fast but falls out of love fast. Deep down I care about people, alot I just dont show it to avoid being over steeped by people. Im actually more of a scorpio then I am of a pisces however I dont understand why I act more of a Scorpio than I do like a Pisces. Is it just me or do we all experience this?

Mysterious33 Hi Nasimane I also had those same traits. As I gotten older all those things I used to hate does not matter to me anymore.

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Almost unable to independently make an important decision, although they always know how to get out of a given situation. Often they choose a person who is striving to imitate in everything. It often happens that this is not the very model of behavior that you need to take as a reference.

And despite this, they are able to impress people who, without a shadow of doubt, will follow them. Not infrequently become politicians or public figures. Although these men and women are very reluctant to take responsibility.